Every Book Its Reader, a Wikimedia campaign launched in 2023,  encourages participants to improve and create content about books, literary works and oral stories in Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikicommons, Wikiquotes, Wikibooks, Wikisource, and other sister projects.

Under the hashtag #EveryBookItsReader participants are called to contribute during the month of April every year,  to coincide with World Book Day, April 23. 

The campaign name is the third law in Ranganathan’s five laws of library science.

The campaign idea and name were conceived in an online conversation in 2022 between three librarians: Laurie Bridges, Nuria Ferran-Ferrer, and Michael David Miller. The first edition of the campaign was held in 2023 by a handful of volunteers, all with ties to libraries, who loved the idea and wanted to make it happen: Lilian Viana, Brazil; Stela Madruga, Brazil; Michael David Miller, Canada; Alejandra Quiroz Hernández, Mexico; Martín Adalberto Tena-Espinoza-de-los-Monteros, Mexico; Nuria Ferran-Ferrer, Catalonia, Spain; Tebogo Khama, Botswana; Lynn Jibril, Botswana.

Anyone can organize local and regional events. If you are organizing an event, please add it to the campaign tracking dashboard. Tag any edits you make during the month of April with the hashtag, #EveryBookItsReader.