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The “official” April 2024 campaign has ended. We encourage you to continue creating and editing Wikidata and Wikipedia articles about books and authors! Please add the hashtag #EveryBookItsReader to your edits.


In the upcoming months we will post results and outcomes from the April 2024 campaign. Stay tuned for more information about 2025! 


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Get involved! Promote your event by using the #EveryBookItsReader logo. 


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A campaign to increase quality content about books, literary works, and oral stories in Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikibooks, and Wikisource.

#EveryBookItsReader – English

#КожнійКнизіСвійЧитач – Ukrainian

#Carteașicititorulei – Romanian

#CadaLibroSuPúblico – Spanish

#CadaLivroSeuPúblico – Portuguese

#ACadaLlibreElSeuPúblic – Catalan

#ChaqueLivreSonPublic – French

#AdOgniLibroIlSuoPubblico – Italian

#Gbogboìwél’ònkàrẹ̀ – Yoruba

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Leadership Team

The overall campaign has been planned and organized by volunteer Wikimedians, who are passionate about books and stories, located in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.



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Send an email to wikimediaeverybook@gmail.com 

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